What Your Home Décor Preferences Say About Your Parenting Style

There’s nothing wrong with loving your home décor, but if it influences the way you parent your child, perhaps you have a bit of décor disorder. Many of us have items in our rooms that we don’t use but hang on because they’re beautiful or remind us of some important event in our lives. But, if you’re reluctant to get rid of these things, it may mean you’re holding on to someone else’s idea of “perfect.” In case you’re hesitant to throw things away because they’re beautiful or because they remind you of an important event in your life, it could mean you’re holding on to someone else’s idea of “perfect.”

The Role of Parenting Style to Your Home Décor Preferences 

According to recent studies, a woman’s home décor preferences reveal a lot about her parenting style. The study found that women who like abstract art tend to focus on their children’s schooling, while women who find landscapes soothing tend to focus on their relationships with their children. The study also found that women who love basics, and clean lines, prioritize order and organization, while women who like ornate, detailed pieces prioritize warmth and comfort.

Just about everyone has strong emotional ties to their homes. We decorate our homes with the things we love and pridefully display them. Our homes are often a reflection of who we are and how we feel, and research has shown that how we decorate our homes can impact our parenting styles.

Some believe that home décor reflects your personality, which explains why some like minimalist or contemporary styles while others prefer more rustic and sophisticated looks. While it’s true that each person finds their preferences from upbringing, personal history, and life experiences, it’s equally literal that home décor has deep roots in the psychology of home décor.

Your home décor preferences may say a lot about your parenting style and vice versa. If you look around your house, you may see that the type of home look you have correlates to your parenting style. There are some commonalities between parenting styles and home decoration, but there are also some significant differences.

Everyone goes through phases. One day you’re all about unicorns, the next, you’re into deer, and then suddenly, you’re into dragons. It is not surprising since humans read, think, and react to their surroundings in different ways. These phases are driven by our preferences. For example, people who prefer colour tend to gravitate to vibrant colours, while those who like neutrals tend to gravitate towards beige colours. When it comes to home décor, the same principle applies. While some people prefer bold patterns and colours, others prefer more muted and tasteful options, like neutrals.

Your home décor preference could showcase a lot about your parenthood style, which experts believe has a more direct effect on your child’s growth and development than genes.

The right décor choices can make your home or apartment feel like home, but the wrong ones can make your home an uncomfortable place to spend time. If you’re decorating your child’s room, it may seem like a simple task once you pick out the right colours, décor, and furniture, but choosing the appropriate theme can make or break the room. The correct theme can tie everything together, so your child can feel safe and comfortable in their room.

Choosing the right décor, furniture, and room colours is an important decision while decorating your home. So, you should be careful not to choose things without knowing about the preferences of your friends and family. Granny may love a rustic look, while your favourite aunt may want everything light and airy. And your cousin may prefer a quieter, more peaceful living space. Therefore, it could be best to consider all of your options.

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