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They come in all shapes and sizes!

No two relationships are the same, so you cannot always manage them in the same way. You might just be in the dating stage, getting to grips with online dating sites or nervously putting yourself up for blind dates. Or, you might be happily married and wanting to work on your relationship.

Whatever stage you are at, it is important to find the right information for you. Here, at Free and Virgin, I have put together a plethora of information to get your teeth into and help you work through that challenge in your life.

The Dating Scene

The Do’s and Dont’s

The dating scene can be daunting for many, or maybe you are a serial dater who enjoys the freedom and don’t want to settle just yet. Some people define themselves by how many people they’re dating, whether they are dating at all or compare themselves to the people around them. Everyone’s love timeline is different, but right now, it is important to enjoy the dating scene, but proceed with caution.


Starting and Maintaining Relationships

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and daily complications can come with it. Maybe it’s a brand new relationship, or you’re trying it long-distance, or maybe you’re not quite ready for a relationship yet but want some advice. Making sure you’re ready to start a relationship is the best way to be going into it, as you’re more likely to make the effort and want to make it work. But, sometimes it can be tricky to find…


From the Honeymoon phase and beyond…

Marriage is no easy feat, and it is up to you both to continually work on your relationship. Passing the honeymoon stage is definitely a real feeling for many. Life can get complicated when pets, children and the in-laws are thrown into the mix, so it is important that you and your partner are on the same page. Many people turn to avenues such as couples’ counseling to help mend any holes in their marriage.

Marriages & Families

From planning the perfect wedding to moving through the honeymoon phase to starting a family, marriages need to be maintained and worked on from the beginning till death do you part, or till the divorce papers are filed.

Every marriage or civil partnership is different, so you need to find unique ways to help manage any issues you are having. Whether these are communication issues, worrying about a spouse cheating on you or struggling to adapt to family life, it is important that you seek help to attempt to fix these issues.

On my blog, I have put together a catalogue of articles covering all things marriage, families and even having your first pet! No one can prepare you for all of these types of events, but seeking information can sometimes resolve these issues.

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