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When I talk openly about being a virgin at the age of 25, I am often met with mixed reactions, and I’m fine with that. I understand for many that virginity is a sensitive subject that they don’t want to discuss, but my blog is here to spread awareness about how everyone is different, and people’s ideas around “virginity” can differ too. 

For some people, their virgin status can affect their dating life, relationships, and even their marriage, and a lot of the time it can be a self-inflicted worry. For example, not talking openly with a potential partner about maybe wanting to preserve your virginity, whether that’s waiting until marriage or just committing to a long-term relationship. People have different wants and needs in a relationship, so not being open about it can affect your relationship, from my experience.

I’ve found honesty and good communication are the foundation blocks for making a relationship flourish

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The Dating Scene – in my eyes…

I’ve always found the online dating scene tricky, not just because of the virginity element, but because I never got on well with the apps and the meet-ups. To me, it all felt very artificial and I didn’t like the idea of meeting a stranger from the internet. However, I then met my current partner, Luke, through a dating app, and much to my surprise, we got on like a house on fire. Three years down the line, and we are now happily married and enjoying every moment!

What I have found is that the right person is out there, so you shouldn’t settle for someone that might not put your wants and needs into consideration. It was key to me that I found a partner that was a good communicator, as I needed to know if someone was all in for the relationship and felt comfortable enough to talk to me about any issues they have.

From what I’ve learned, through dating to marriage, I have decided to collate what I have learned into regular blog posts as a way to help people who were in a similar situation to me. 

It is important to realise that every relationship and situation will be different, so knowing in yourself what you want and not being influenced by others will help you find the right person for you.

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