The 19 Best Memorable Second Anniversary Gifts

If you’re celebrating the 2nd year’s wedding anniversary, you’ve most likely already ordered your anniversary flowers, party invitations, and cake. If you’re at a loss about what to buy as a gift, consider this list of gifts inspired by other people’s 2nd anniversary.

  1. Coffee Mugs– These sentimental gifts are sure to make your wife or husband smile.
  2. Crystals– Crystals aren’t just for hippies anymore-they’re now mainstream. They’re one of the most sought-after gifts for the 2nd anniversary. But which crystals are the best? Research a little and you will get to know.
  3. Customized travel Mugs– For couples with a passion for travel, a customized travel mug with photos on it can be a perfect choice. These gorgeous mugs can be personalized with a photo of the couple, their destination, or their names. But the message on the mug’s handle makes them even more special.
  4. Favourite Food or Drink– You may wish to gift your partner their favourite food or drink.
  5. Chocolate– The allure of chocolate as a 2nd year wedding anniversary gift is the strength of its sentimental value. Chocolate is sweet, delicious, and comforting, a staple of any celebration.
  6. Espadrilles– Celebrate your 2nd anniversary by giving her something she will wear for many summers. Espadrilles or slip-on shoes have been a summer staple for centuries. They keep you cool in the summer heat and are easy to put on and take off.
  7. Wine Glasses– Wine glasses are more than just a practical item; they can be a special memento that reminds you of your special day every time you use them.
  8. Water Bottles– They are a classic, always in style, and can be used year-round.
  9. Candles– Perhaps it’s because candles are simply romantic and give off a pleasing warm glow. Or it could be because it’s something you can keep burning for years. For this reason, candles are one of the most popular gifts for couples.
  10. Picture Frames – Photo frames make great gifts for men and women alike, and there are so many different designs out there that you’re sure to find one that’s right for your partner.
  11. Potpourri – You’re going to gift your loved one something special for your 2nd anniversary; why not make it a personalized gift? Potpourri is easy to make, and it is a great way to display your loved one’s favorite things in a unique way. You could also include a special gift in there; maybe a men’s cologne that he can use every day – take inspiration from websites like country club for men to find the perfect one!
  12. Pillows– Pillows, being comforting in nature can prove to be one of the best gifts.
  13. Magnetic Frame– If you’re looking for something with a personal touch, magnetic frames are a beautiful, thoughtful gift that can help you both remember your special day for years to come.
  14. Bouquet of flowers– The second year of marriage should be just as special. For the 2nd anniversary, consider a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a thoughtful gift that sends the message “I still care.” And not only does it send a message of caring, but it also shows that you’ve stayed committed to your relationship.
  15. Flower Pots– Flower pots are a classic choice and even better when personalized with the couple’s name and the date of their wedding. They make a gorgeous display, and even better when they’re filled with flowers or other greenery.
  16. Music– Surprise your other half with a music-themed gift that celebrates your second year together. Music creates memories of special moments and a beautiful rhythm to our lives, making it just the perfect gift.
  17. Couple shirt– With couple’s shirts becoming popular, the 2nd year anniversary is the perfect time to surprise your love with this romantic gift.
  18. Photo Albums– Quality photo books that you can customize with your own photos. Choose from a variety of designs, including Anniversary, Wedding, Baby, Birth, and Pet.
  19. Cookbook– Cookbooks make for great gifts because they allow couples to create lasting memories together in the kitchen by making their favourite meals together. Plus, cookbooks are the kind of 2nd-year wedding anniversary gifts that practically anyone can use.

These gifts are most appropriate if someone has recently got married or is planning their anniversary. These are the gifts that I can personally vouch for because I’ve used them myself. Trust me, these gifts will make anyone feel extra special.

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