Is My Spouse Still the Right One for Me?

A common question for many newlyweds is: Is my spouse still the right one for me? If you are in a relationship, you know it can be hard to tell whether the relationship is right for you. But you don’t want to find out too late, right? You also don’t want to find out when your spouse is having an affair. 

You Are Still with The Right Person – Here Are The Signs

Many elements go into making a relationship work, including compatibility, love, respect, commitment, and willingness to compromise. When you want to know if your spouse still loves you, you have to keep these things in mind. Here are some signs to look for if you are wondering if your spouse is still the right one for you:

  • You feel secure. It’s natural to feel a little insecure when you see the happiness and ease of your partner and wonder if you’re still the one for them. But often, you can feel this way because they’ve grown accustomed to your presence, and they’ve stopped seeing you as the person they fell in love with. This is no reason to rush into a decision just because you’re feeling insecure. You should always feel secure when the relationship is right for you.
  • You continue being yourself. Sometimes, after being married for years, one of the signs that you have made the right decision is that you can continue being yourself with your spouse. The more parts of you you can show to your spouse, the greater the chance that your marriage will become stronger, more fulfilling, and happier. You want to be able to show your spouse the real you, the you that you were raised to be, that you learned how to be, the you that you like to be.
  • You can hear each other’s thoughts and words and emotions through your entire body. This leads to a deep and intimate connection, and while it can be a little creepy at times, the benefits of having a connection like this are so great that it’s worth the discomfort.
  • You are having second or more thoughts about his or her traits. You can’t be around someone and not pick up on their good and bad qualities. As the saying goes: “You can’t help who you marry, but you can help who you choose as a spouse.” If the person you’re attracted to has good traits, but you’re having second thoughts, that’s to be expected. If this second-guessing extends into the third or fourth date, then it’s a sign that this person is not the right one for you.
  • He or she has a short fuse. It can be challenging to deal with a partner who is constantly rude and inconsiderate of the person you are. One of the main signs to look out for if your spouse is not the right one for you is if he or she has a short fuse. Often, a short fuse indicates that you are dealing with someone who lacks patience and is quick-tempered. You must learn how to communicate with your spouse, as this can solve many issues before they escalate beyond the point of the matter.
  • It’s all about excitement. Many things can indicate that you still love your spouse after being with them for a long time. Excitement, just being happy with each other day in and day out, being happy to go see them when they come home, being happy to see them when they come to visit. When all these things are happening, it is a clear sign that, yes, you are in love and you are still with the right person.
  • You know that feeling when you’re with the right person. The sparks ignite when you’re together, and you can tell there’s a spark there. If you’re lucky, that spark ignites into a flame, and before long, you can’t imagine spending your life without that one special person. This is the “you just know” feeling. That’s how you know you’re with the right person.

Relationships are hard; they can be especially hard when you’re in a rut in a relationship. When you’re in a rut, things can get a little stagnant between you and your spouse. Although things in a relationship can change, the foundation of a relationship is what is going to last forever.

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